We can’t update our website ourselves


In Short: Set up your website so you have support now, access to make changes and freedom to move in the future. It often starts well. You meet with a talented designer who listens to your needs, speaking in the second-language of code 50% of the time, gives you a quote then designs you a website that works. For updates, you either sign an ongoing service package for hundreds of dollars per month...

We’ve outgrown Gmail and Outlook


In Short: Email processing can eat up the most valuable and energetic part of your day. Enhance your process or upgrade your system to empower your company’s growth. Gmail or Outlook got your company to where it is but your inbox is busting at the seams. Most of your employees spend the best hours of their morning responding to email, starting group emails, forwarding emails to each other...

Tasks are assigned everywhere


In Short: Having any structure for assigning tasks is like herding sheep but is worth setting up to bring more calm to your company. The golden rule? “Show the empathy to deliver tasks in the format that mainly suits them and partially suits you”. There are variable power and role dynamics in all organisations but most people are clear on who can give them tasks and to whom they can...