JTBD for Financial Planners


I love the JTBD framework and put together this example related to financial planning:

What SOME Financial Planners think they’re being paid for
– quality advice related to financial products
– quality products that outperform most others

What MOST people hire Financial Planners to do
– understand the story of where they are financially
– give them credit for getting to where they’re at (managing shame, guilt, hope & desire)
– understand the noble reason behind why they want a bigger number in their bank account
– manage their expectations about whether they’ll get what they want
– give them the inside secrets on how hundreds of other people have got from somewhere close to where they are now to where they want to go
– managing the tangled mess of information they have received from articles, social media, books, family, friends and the associated weight they attribute to each (aka the art of respecting the source while calmly challenging the underlying strategy)
– giving them a plan / a roadmap that is a stretch but ties into powerful underlying emotions connected to a future state
– giving them the freedom to be creative within the boundaries of the plan