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I work with managers to outline their business systems and then systematically refine their customer + staff experience and the automation in their business. If you want to run a tight ship that out-humans and out-works your competition, start a conversation.



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Can’t tell if my employees are working


In short: Remote work lends itself to a task-based work monitoring approach. Use tech and simple processes to see what your team is working on. It’s different running a business that is predominantly remote. You used to be able to walk past someone’s desk or have full-sight of their computer so you’d know if they weren’t working and you’d know if they weren’t...

We don’t have a knowledge base


In Short: Winning company cultures provide breathing space for employees to think longer-term, documenting what they do for other employees and new hires. When you’re considering the valuable IP that makes up your business, you need to value the documented systems, processes & business information that are included in your knowledge base. For most companies, only part of this...

What does a service designer do?


One element of being a workflow coach and providing workflow consulting is to consider service design approaches to ensure that the user experiences meet the need of the client and of the company. In this article, we’ll look at the key elements of service design to get an understanding of how the service design philosophy aids in workflow consulting. What is Service Design? Service design...

Untigering your workplace


In a recent interview, Iris Chen, author of Untigering mentioned “The biggest shift came when I learned how to share the power with my children instead of just ordering them around and telling them what to do or having a bunch of rules. The change came when I invited them into problem-solving and we found solutions that worked as a family… Tiger parenting…teaches children not to...

How to get more LinkedIn Recommendations


You go to an online retailer and check out a product that you’re interested in. You check the price, the images, the model number and most importantly, you check the reviews. In the same way that you check product reviews, potential employers and clients are checking your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Recommendations (endorsements) to see if you’re someone they want to work with. The...

JTBD for Financial Planners


I love the JTBD framework and put together this example related to financial planning: What SOME Financial Planners think they’re being paid for – quality advice related to financial products – quality products that outperform most others What MOST people hire Financial Planners to do – understand the story of where they are financially – give them credit for getting...

You already asked me that


In Short: People are open to giving their information multiple times when they can see that information isn’t shared. They flinch when they need to keep telling you the same thing at different stages of the process because you haven’t valued their time in designing your workflow. You walk through the doors and you’re asked for your passport and boarding pass before boarding the...

The $500 experiments


In Short: Experiments are useful for finding what new areas you can grow in but they also have the secondary effect of training your team to look for new experiments & opportunities. Firstly, $500 might be a large or small investment for you, depending on the size of your business. The concept is to look at your workflow map and create experiments to test. Maybe you’ll test putting...