The $500 experiments


In Short: Experiments are useful for finding what new areas you can grow in but they also have the secondary effect of training your team to look for new experiments & opportunities.

Firstly, $500 might be a large or small investment for you, depending on the size of your business.

The concept is to look at your workflow map and create experiments to test. Maybe you’ll test putting billboard ads at your sports park, maybe you’ll buy online ads, maybe you’ll buy knowledge base software so you don’t get asked as many questions, maybe you’ll buy help desk software so you can halve your email processing time. By distilling your processes down to a map, marking the areas where you could get the highest return and then narrowing down your potential experiments, you end up in a state of continual improvement. As you start making changes and involving your team in the process, you develop a culture that is less resistant to change and more open to sharing ideas for upcoming experiments.